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Anyone who keeps houseplants knows that indoor foliage can brighten a dull, dreary atmosphere and create a refuge from everyday stresses. Indoor plants can also remove common toxins from indoor environments and add oxygen to stale air. Given these benefits, you’d think that tropical plants would be as common in offices as staplers and annoying coworkers!

Sadly, some people know only two kinds of office plants: the artificial ones, and those dusty brown dead fire hazards on top of the filing cabinet. While many of these leafy casualties could have been saved with proper care, it’s is also critical to choose plants that can thrive in the challenging office biome. We can help you choose the perfect interior plant to improve your workplace’s aesthetics and your health.

– We assess your office lighting. Obviously, a plant that needs full sun doesn’t have much of a chance in a windowless copy room, but we know where you can put plants in your office and determine how much light they’ll get on average. Low light (shade loving) plants will do fine in most office settings (such as the top of a cubicle in the center of the floor, away from the windows). Many plants do well if placed near the fluorescent lights in the office. If you have access to south or west-facing windows, you’ll have more flexibility in choosing plants.

– Care Some plants require more maintenance than others, and sometimes it can be difficult to find time in the workday to water or prune them. In a busy office it is difficult to give enough attention the plants and that is where a professional plant maintenance company comes in.

– Determine the purpose of your plants. Different plants can do different things for you. If you mainly want to brighten a space, you’ll probably want a specimen plant or one with colorful, variegated leaves. If you’re looking to remove as much carbon dioxide–or add as much oxygen–as possible, you should look for a green plant with a lot of leaf area. Certain plants, such as the Raphis palm, Kentia palm or Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ are exceptionally effective at removing airborne chemicals commonly found in offices.

– Design – Plants improve the look of an office. If they are part of a design, they will further enhance your office giving balance, atmosphere and a modern look. We help to create a balanced design for your interior plantscape.

– Set your plant budget. While some plants can be very expensive individually, the more plants you plan to own, the more important your budget will be. We can help you figure out how much you want to spend purchasing the plants and their long-term maintenance.

– Which plants – Our professionals suggest the plants that work for your space. We know what will thrive and look great. – Some plants (like many orchids and bonsai) have very specific light, humidity, and temperature needs. We can advise you.

– Purchase quality plants – It is important your plants come from a reputable supplier. We supply good quality healthy tropical plants that are free of mould,  disease and pests. – We supply all types of indoor tropical plants to suit your home or office. Office plants for include Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Newmarket, Mississauga, Toronto and cross Canada locations.

We supply beautiful, quality, tropical plants and a large fashionable selection of containers, pots and planters, quality custom designed artificial plants, plant doctor services, pest control, cleaning and redesign services for artificial plants, moving services, repotting and more. We may be what you are looking for to supply, maintain or service your tropical plants and artificial plants.


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